Learning  Styles

What is a learning style?

A learning style is the way our brain takes in information, and each individual will have their natural learning style. Researcher have broadly divided learning style in to three namely

Visual learning style

Auditory learning style

Kinesthetic learning style

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How does knowing the’ natural learning style’ help us?

Knowing the natural learning style helps us to better communicate with each other,  or tailoring the communication in a receivers ( learners) preferred learning style help the learner in understanding the communication better.

Is it possible to cater to all learning styles in a classroom?

The Xseed curriculum has made the CBSE syllabus appealing to all learning styles through step by step instruction manuals for teachers, activities for students, and challenging workbooks for students.

With continuous training for the teachers and observations and retraining by the staff trainer, we attempt reach all students.

How will the learning style help me as a parent?

All of us have a natural predisposition to deliver our communication in the natural learning style we possess, for e g: If your natural learning style is auditory you will have a tendency to deliver your communication in the auditory style dominantly.

Suppose your child’s learning style is visual or kinesthetic, there is bound to be conflict in communication and understanding between the parent and the child.

Hence knowing your learning style and your child’s learning style helps build a better relationship between you and your child.

How can I know my preferred learning style?

Please take the test on the top of this page, the results will give and idea about your naturally preferred learning style

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