The formative years of a child needs individual attention and conviction that he/she is important. They constantly explore and experiment through their senses. Each child is gifted with a unique set of strengths and the early year program should be inspirational and engaging in guiding them to use their strengths.



Our Methodology:

Our Methodology is our working plan, our strategy. Every strategy should provide a reasonable road map for the learning journey. In the beginning, is the process of setting goals and we ensure that every goal should be both challenging and reachable. The activities and assessments are strongly geared and guided by the teacher keeping in mind the student’s understanding and progress.


How we implement them?

Take a peek at how we implement our methodology in the day–to-day learning process.

Topic:We decided to introduce our tiny tots to the concept of sink and float.  1.Aim Get the students to understand that few objects sink and few others float when in water.
 2.Activity Conduct floating/sinking experiments with various objects and note the results. Please click below to see the video.
 3.Analyse Discussion on objects that float and sink and classifying them
 4.Apply Individual Hands on experience of putting various objects in water to find out whether they float or sink
 5.Assess Through questioning, the teacher assesses the student’s understanding

How our methodology supports our philosophy?

  • Everyone is Intelligent:

We believe that “Our knowledge and abilities are largely determined not by our IQ or some other method of intelligence, but by the effectiveness of our learning process: call it our learning quotient”. The conviction that everyone can learn with emphasis on the process, the work and the effort is at the heart of our methodology.

  •  Brain based Learning:

Learning style is an individual’s natural or habitual pattern of acquiring and processing information in learning situations. While you may have a dominant style of learning, everyone borrows a little bit from all the styles to learn about the world around them. Our methodology concentrates on using activities and assessments which reach all style of learners to enable everyone to learn effectively.

  •  Shifting to 21st century skills:

The uniqueness of kindergartners is that they can think abstractly but still need concrete experiences; they can follow directions but also need to explore their own ideas. Thus, we try to create a system of balance through guidance and freedom to explore on their own. Tiny tots like moving, colorful, small creatures and sweet sounds. Hence we harness the power of technology through attractive and informative videos and pictures to reinforce the concepts discussed in class.

  •  Partnering with parents:

We understand that parents are children’s first learning models. Hence we hold hands with you and your child throughout their learning journey. We ask for frequent inputs & feedbacks from you about your child and in turn give frequent feedbacks on how your child is progressing on his learning curve. This process is aided by giving you a peek of your child in the classroom situation on your preferred date of the year.

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